IKEA – Save The Lamp & Moo Cow – Unboring (2002) / By Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Mar 07

These are older (2002) commercials for IKEA produced by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami and directed by Spike Jonze (Director, Being John Malkovich, Tenacious D, Adaptation, etc) and Clay Williams. They are great ads to explore when talking about creative briefs because there’s a lot of info about them on the web and some great insight that helps writing a...

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The Giant Puzzle Campaign by Ravensburger Puzzles / Scholz & Friends, Berlin

Mar 06

By Hayley Honeycutt / CSUF Imagine walking through the streets of Berlin- hearing cars whizzing by, enjoying the scenery, and coming across a gigantic Ravensburger puzzle box among a large pile of rubble. Well if you were walking along the streets of Berlin in 2008, that may have been exactly what you saw. In a creative move, Ravensburger, a German puzzle and toys...

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Loewe – Extremely Realistic Sound / By Scholz & Friends, Berlin

Mar 05

Loewe, a German electronics manufacturer¬† &¬† Scholz & Friends, Berlin produced this great TV spot. Originally aired in Germany but now it’s all over the web, plus since there are no words, the concept is language-proof… Super simple idea, great execution and most of all, fun to watch. Extremely Realistic Sound: Inspired by Abbott Costello...

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Pedigree Adoption Drive 2008 MPA Kelly Awards Grand Prize

Mar 04

By Denisse Cobian / CSUF A Call to Arms- and Paws: A Closer Look at The Pedigree Adoption Drive Campaign, Magazine Publishers of America’s (MPA) 2008 Kelly Awards Grand Prize for outstanding magazine advertising. The Pedigree Adoption Drive Campaign, started in 2004, has created quite the buzz last year not only because of the $2.7 Million raised for animal...

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Teaching Advertising with Youtube Videos – A Collection of short clips from and about the advertising industry

Mar 02

I love using short youtube videos to demonstrate something when I teach certain concepts in advertising or creativity. They are funny, engaging, well thought/filmed, and they get students excited about the topic. I’ve put together a collection of some of the tubes I use in class. I’d love to keep this post alive – feel free to add your comments and...

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Smashing Magazine – 10 Steps To The Perfect Portfolio Website / Blog

Feb 27

Smashing Magazine published a great post today with 10 Steps To The Perfect Portfolio Website and while at it, they included 40+ beautiful personal portfolio websites. Great stuff: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/02/26/10-steps-to-the-perfect-portfolio-website/ Going over some of their tips I figured this is a good opportunity to look for other cool resources...

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So, you want to work in advertising?

Feb 26

I was YouTubbing (is that a verb?) for ads done by Mullen today, and came across this great video for advertising college students (featuring Mullen’s young stars): It was filmed in 2007 but everything mentioned is still so relevant for today’s graduates… and on the same topic, but much more recent, Edward Boches, the chief creative officer of...

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