Augmented Reality – GE, Mini, EarthHour, Microsoft, and now – Make Your Own…

Apr 01

General Electric (GE) started the augmented reality buzz a few weeks ago, with thier “Smart Grid’ platform: Pretty cool, ha? You can try it yourself here: Than came Mini: Earth Hour: ...

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VTM at Central Station Antwerp (Belgium) – 200 Dance the Sound of Music – Do Re Mi (t-mobile copycat)

Mar 31

Last month we wrote about T-Mobile Flash Mob Dance Ad (Life’s for Sharing) by Saatchi at Liverpool Street Station, London, and here comes a copycat viral/guerrilla ad from a Dutch TV version of “In Search of Maria“ (op zoek naar maria), a BBC series, produced by the Belgian commercial network VTM: According to their website (if google translator any good,...

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The Art of Storytelling – Ira Glass / This American Life

Mar 26

Sometime in 2006, Guy Kawasaki asked Seth Godin: Question: What is an example of company that created a brand by conducting a dialogue with customers? Answer: You don’t know many either, do you Guy? Ahh, we agree! I think that while markets are conversations, marketing is a story. Starbucks creates conversations among customers, so does Apple. The NYSE makes a...

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Brand (re-brand) Samsung = AWESOMENESS (Extreme Sheep LED Art & Samsung SSD Awesomeness)

Mar 23

Two Samsung virals in one week… Seems like someone at Samsung is trying to be AWESOME… Maybe it’s because people currently think of Samsung as: cheap, crap, boring (according to BrantTags) Extreme Sheep LED Art: For the gig, Samsung recruited Welsh national sheep herding champion Gerry Lewis, and a team of Welsh sheep herders to guide the...

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Account Planning Newsletter – March 17, 2009

Mar 22

Account Planning Newsletter – Week of March 17th, 2009 A periodic list of things that you may find interesting and of note. By Daniel Berkal The Palmerston Group (1) Don’t use protection. As the first new work since the economic collapse takes to the airwaves, we start to see some common themes. It seems like every major brand has tailored their...

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10 Tips for Writing A Remarkable Resume in Today’s Creative World

Mar 21

Most people think the purpose of a resume is to get you a job. Wrong. The purpose of a resume is to get you an interview. Similarly, most people think the purpose of an interview is to get you the job. Wrong again. The purpose of an interview is to connect with a human being (i.e. the interviewer) on a personal level and leave a remarkable impression on them (as in...

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Creative Week NYC – May 2009 – Advertising, Media, Interactive, and More

Mar 20

Creative Week New York City is about creativity—earth-shattering, game-changing creativity. Whether you make films, or music, or games, or chocolate soufflés, Creative Week wants to help you reach out and expand your community. All week, top creative institutions will host events to connect, inform, and inspire a worldwide creative community. OneShow Design...

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