40 Articles, Websites, Resources, Tutorials & Tools To Learn Typography

Nov 15

Here are 40 of the best sites, resources, tools & tutorials we found to help you understanding typography basics in print or web designs. You are welcome to add to the list or vote on which one is #1 in your opinion in the comments section below. Here goes:

40 Articles, Websites, Resources, Tutorials & Tools To Learn Typography

Great Reads / Articles:

Meet Your Type – A Field Guide to Typography (PDF) via FontShop.com

Font Anatomy Wallpaper (1920 x 1200 JPEG Image) via Font.is

Typeface Anatomy and Glossary via FontShop.com

Periodic Table of Typefaces (3150 x 2100 JPEG Image) via SquidSpot.com

Typographic Rules to Remember Checklist adapted from The Mac Is Not a Typewriter by Robin Williams

So You Need A Typeface (1983 x 1402 PNG Image Infographics) via JulianHansen.com

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Typeface adapted from Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design by Michael Bierut

Best Practices of Combining Typefaces via SmashingMagazine.com

8 Simple Ways to Improve Typography In Your (web) Designs via SmashingMagazine.com

Mixing Typefaces Cheat Sheets (PDF) [#1 – Combine at will. #2 Not a conservative choice. #3 Think again]

10 Common Typography Mistakes via TheDesignCubicle.com

Additional Typography Mistakes You Might Be Making via TheDesignCubicle.com

Resource Pages:

Smashing Magazine – Typography Tag

Smashing Magazine - Design and Web-Development

WebDesigner Depot – Typography Category:

Web Designer Depot - Resources for Web Designers

I Love Typography – Typefaces and All Things Typographical:

I Love Typography - Typefaces and All Things Typographical

SpeckyBoy – Typography Category:

Specky Boy - Design Web & Development Magazine

Web Design Ledger – Typography tag:

Web Design Ledger - Blog, Tutorials and Inspiration

Typographica – Type Reviews, Books & Commentary:

Typographica - Type Reviews, Books & Commentary

Typophile – Typographic Collaboration & Active Discussion Board:

Typophile - Typographic Collaboration & Active Discussion Board

UpscaleTypography – Design, News, Trends, Comments:

UpscaleTypography - Design, News, Trends, Comments

The Type Directors Club – International organization supporting excellence in typography:

The Type Directors Club

Typefaces / Fonts:

Typedia: A Shared Encyclopedia of Typefaces

Adobe Type Library / Font Finder

Font Managers / Tools:

Apple’s Font Book – Font Manager (Mac / Free)

FontExplorer X Pro – Font Manager (Mac / Paid)

NexusFont – Font Manager (PC / Free)

Typetester – Compare fonts side by side

WhatTheFont – Identify what font is used in an image


Thinking with Type: A Primer for Designers: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students by Ellen Lupton

Type Rules!: The Designer’s Guide to Professional Typography by Ilene Strizver

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