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Feb 26

I was YouTubbing (is that a verb?) for ads done by Mullen today, and came across this great video for advertising college students (featuring Mullen’s young stars):

It was filmed in 2007 but everything mentioned is still so relevant for today’s graduates… and on the same topic, but much more recent, Edward Boches, the chief creative officer of Mullen, wrote a really good post on his blog a few days ago, with great tips for advertising graduates looking for a job. It’s geared toward copywriters and art directors but in this industry (and with our economy), I’d like to think everyone should be creative. My favorites are numbers 1, 7, 8, and 10!

8. Create your own brand – Start a blog. Write what you know (how your generation responds to brands, perhaps). Then learn to distribute your thinking and pov online as well. Take it to Twitter, and elsewhere.  It will demonstrate ambition and initiative.

10. Come up with that one amazing idea that will make you unforgettable. It’s hard not to hire a someone if you can’t get them off your mind

Read Boches’ 10 job hunting tips for this year’s graduating class:

You can read more news about Mullen on AdAge:

or visit their YouTube page:

More tubes from Mullen:

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We’d love to hear some of your tips / comments, or links to other interesting videos on the topic!

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