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Feb 10

The Roadtrip Nation “epidemic” started in 2001 with “The Open Road” movie but it didn’t really tip until 2004 when PBS decided to make it a series.

It all started with four friends and one dilemma: “what do we want to do with our lives?” Fresh out of college and unsure about the career paths in front of us, we were determined to expose ourselves to more than just the traditional life roads. We hopped in an old 1985 RV, painted it green, and hit the road to talk with 85 inspiring people from all walks of life, to find out how they came to do what they love for a living. The trip showed us that, just like the people we met on the road, we could create lives that one day we could look back on and say: ‘I stayed true to myself every step of the way

Watch the 2001 Open Road movie here (1:20h):

Since 2001, every summer, Roadtrip Nation sends students out in their big green RVs to learn the stories of fascinating people across the country. They filme their experiences and shared them with the world on the 12-part documentary series on PBS.

Watch the original 2001 documentary – The Open Road

Watch the 2004 series (Episodes 1-8 HERE)

Watch the 2005 series (Episodes 1-12 HERE)

Watch the 2006 series (Episodes 1-12 HERE)

Watch the 2007 series (Episodes 1-12 HERE)

Watch the 2008 series (Episodes 1-8 HERE)

Want to take an Indie Roadtrip during the summer of 2009 and interview people from all walks of life who have created lives and careers based on doing what they love?

Hit the road on your own time, on your own route and with your own mode of transportation. We’ve sent individuals on roadtrips across the world and in their very own backyard. The purpose of these roadtrips is to interview inspiring people throughout the US who will share their stories of how they got to where they are. From these stories, it’s our hope that you and your team will be inspired to define your won roads in life by following what truly lights you up.

You can apply HERE as an individual or as a team of up to five people. Applications will be available March 1st.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: If there were no limitations (time, budget, ways to connect, will they agree? etc), list 3 people you would love to interview on your own Roadtrip Nation (if you were to film one) and why? Pick people that are the best of the best in whatever it is you’re passionate about… What is it about these people that inspires you? What kind of questions will you ask them?

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