Daniel Pink – A Whole New Mind – Book/DVD (Better Life Media) Review / Concepts / Ideas

Feb 19

After reading Daniel Pink’s amazing book A Whole New Mind, and then watched the DVD (55 minutes, basically him going over all of the main ideas in the book), I had SO MANY thoughts…

Thoughts about our world, our economy (especially these days), the education system, advertising, marketing, story telling, design, you name it…

Here’s the first 5 minutes of the DVD:

And more from Pink on choosing a college major:

Visit Daniel H. Pink’s Blog here:

What are three Aha! Moments (not mentioned already by others) you had after reading the book or watching the DVD? Keep it a short, simple, clear, and positive – what big ideas you had? what were you fascinated by? surprised by? curious about? etc.

Here are just three of many Aha! moments I had after reading the book and watching the DVD:

1. I saw the FedEx arrow before but when I watched the DVD, it got me thinking – how can I improve my Power Point/Keynote slides using negative space and story-telling?
2. 15% of all the people living in India = 100% of the American workforce. Wow! Talk about the effects of outsourcing on the job market and on the careers/majors we choose…
3. “MFA is the new MBA”. I’m curious – which MBA programs are well known for integrating creativity in their curriculum?

And while on the topic… Check out this video – a 2008 remastered version of an original 2006 presentation by Karl Fisch called Did You Know?

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