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Feb 27

Smashing Magazine published a great post today with 10 Steps To The Perfect Portfolio Website and while at it, they included 40+ beautiful personal portfolio websites. Great stuff:

Portfolio Case

Going over some of their tips I figured this is a good opportunity to look for other cool resources / tools for building an amazing online portfolio… I didn’t have to look too far, back in March Smashing posted on Creating A Successful Online Portfolio:

WedDesign Depot wrote a good one not too long ago as well – 10 Characteristics of Excellent Portfolio Sites:

My tags


Since I’m a big fan of WordPress, I gotta thank Instant-Shift for putting together this AMAZING (and very recent) collection of 140+ Brilliant Free WordPress Themes Around:

I have a feeling that Instant Shift’s link of 140+ themes covered most of the ones mentioned in the list below, but just in case you’re still looking…

100 Superb WordPress Themes for Free (from AntsMagazine):

39 Amazing WordPress Themes (from Presidia Creative):

30 Free, Amazing and Versatile WordPress 2.7 Themes (from SpeckyBoy)

25 Awesome, High Quality, Free WordPress 2.7 Themes (from Ahnternet)

20 Great Free WordPress 2.7 Themes (from Mashable)

10 of the Best WordPress 2.7 Compatible Themes (from Mashable)

Beautiful and Creative WordPress 2.7 Themes

EZwpThemes – Just Beautiful

10 Rare WordPress Themes for 2009 (from Honest Holly)

10 Best WordPress Themes 2009 (from Honest Holly)

15 High Quality Free Premium WordPress 2.7 Themes (from Noupe)

15+ Most Popular WordPress 2.7 Themes (from PatroMax)

Top 12 Stunning WordPress Themes (from Mashable)

30 Free High Quality WordPress Themes (from Smashing Magazine)

20 More Free First-Class WordPress Themes (from Smashing Magazine)

And there there’s Top Themes:

And Free WordPress Theme:

OK, that’s enough for today… ;)

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