Recent Advertising Award Shows’ Results

Feb 03

2009 Clio: 2009 One Show: 2009 Andy: 2009 Bassies (Canada): 2009 D&AD: BTAA (British...

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Seven Documentaries Every Advertising Creative Should See

Aug 27

Is Mad Men responsible for the rash of advertising documentaries coming out lately?     Art & Copy | 89 min | English (USA) | 2009 Genre: Documentary | Director: Doug Pray Official Website: IMDB: Screenings: Trailer: Interview with Dough Pray,...

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Julian Koenig vs. George Lois on This American Life (episode 383 – Origin Story)

Jun 24

This week’s episode of This American Life had a very interesting story on Julian Koenig, (Herschon Garfield, Helmut Krone, DDB) the copywriter/father of Volkswagen’s “Think Small” and “Lemon” (among many other famous ads) and his dispute with George Lois (Art Director) over who came up with what. Part 1: Part 2: Here’s the complete...

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Augmented Reality – GE, Mini, EarthHour, Microsoft, and now – Make Your Own…

Apr 01

General Electric (GE) started the augmented reality buzz a few weeks ago, with thier “Smart Grid’ platform: Pretty cool, ha? You can try it yourself here: Than came Mini: Earth Hour: ...

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Good Client – Bad Client – 30 Things All Clients Should Know About Working with Their Ad Agency

Mar 13

Found this Youtube clip featuring JWT senior creatives talk about good clients vs. bad clients: “To truly inspire great work, what do great clients do? What should they avoid doing?” Here are the key points: 1. Enthusiasm – have a lot of it, share it, infect us with it. 2. Be demanding – but fair. 3. Make us feel we are all on the same...

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Smashing Magazine – 10 Steps To The Perfect Portfolio Website / Blog

Feb 27

Smashing Magazine published a great post today with 10 Steps To The Perfect Portfolio Website and while at it, they included 40+ beautiful personal portfolio websites. Great stuff: Going over some of their tips I figured this is a good opportunity to look for other cool resources...

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