VTM at Central Station Antwerp (Belgium) – 200 Dance the Sound of Music – Do Re Mi (t-mobile copycat)

Mar 31

Central Station Antwerp

Last month we wrote about T-Mobile Flash Mob Dance Ad (Life’s for Sharing) by Saatchi at Liverpool Street Station, London, and here comes a copycat viral/guerrilla ad from a Dutch TV version of “In Search of Maria“ (op zoek naar maria), a BBC series, produced by the Belgian commercial network VTM:

According to their website (if google translator any good, can’t read dutch), over 200 dancers participated in the Do-Re-Mi dance at Central Station Antwerp, Belgium (Centraal Station Antwerpen) Monday morning, March 23rd, 2009.

It’s pretty obvious they got the idea from the tmobile campaign (which probably got the idea from Improv Everywhere) but I gotta say, I think their execution (and the song selection) is better… Here’s the original T-Mobile for you to judge:

And, of course, there’s the-making-of version:

And a few bystanders’ versions:

And while on the topic of the Sounds of Music, here’s Julie Andrews and the kids in the original 1965 movie:

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