Brand (re-brand) Samsung = AWESOMENESS (Extreme Sheep LED Art & Samsung SSD Awesomeness)

Mar 23

Two Samsung virals in one week… Seems like someone at Samsung is trying to be AWESOME…

Maybe it’s because people currently think of Samsung as: cheap, crap, boring (according to BrantTags)

Extreme Sheep LED Art:

For the gig, Samsung recruited Welsh national sheep herding champion Gerry Lewis, and a team of Welsh sheep herders to guide the flocks into position (they admitted though, that computer trickery had been used during post production).

Agency / Production: The Viral Factory, London
Director: James Rouse with The Viral Factory
Producer: Jon Stopp
Seeding and Digital Media
Planning: The Viral Factory
Offline Editor: Owen Oppenheimer
Post-Production: The Moving Picture Company, London
VFX: Dave Haupt, Tom Cardo-Moreno, Claire Musgrave-Brown, Ashley Tyas, Olivier Jezequel
Post-Production Producer: Josh King @ MPC
Audio Post-Production: Unit Post Production
Senior Dubbing Mixer: Kim Storey
Music: Audio Network

Matt Smith, the co-founder of ad agency The Viral Factory said: “The people on camera are real farmers and they were really controlling the sheepdogs. Rather than trying to fake it all we did it for real. “The sheep herding bit is straight up – no trickery but there is a fair amount of computer trickery and post production work. “We thought the Mona Lisa was the big wink to people – once they saw that we thought they would realize it was not all real. “But we have been quite surprised that there is still a debate about whether it is all real and people have been coming up with various theories.”

(Source: UK Telegraph)

Mr Smith said the main problem on the shoot was not herding the sheep, but getting enough of them. He went on: “We filmed it at the end of last month and it is lambing season so we could not disturb the sheep that were lambing because it would have been too stressful. “We used different sheep over the two day shoot because we couldn’t have them running around all day. We didn’t give them any treats because they got to wear an LED coat – I can’t think of anything better. “The video is silly and joyful. This one has caused a real stir.”

Anyone seen the “making of” video?

And then came the “Samsung SSD Awesomeness” viral

Paul Curry, an IT guy at The Viral Fectory, decided to play around with a few SSD (Solid State Drive). With the help fo a few colleagues, they managed to persuade Samsung to give them 24 256GB Samsung MLC SSDs and put them in RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks), to make an awesome super computer that could open a ton of applications within seconds.

Of course, Samsung and The Viral Factory, London, are involved. They needed to develop a campaign that would grab the attention of people responsible for servers delivering applications such as video-on-demand, Internet data centers and online transaction processing. SSD Awesomeness was the answer.

According to, Samsung’s brief was to create a film which would demonstrate to the uber-geeks of the technology world just how astoundingly good SSDs are.

Matt Smith, director at The Viral Factory said: “We’re really pleased with the results of this film. Letting Paul loose on the project to do something he thought was really cool has turned out much better than us coming up with the usual marketing nonsense. The seeding has also worked brilliantly because Paul was able to answer questions and reply to comments in the tech communities – the response to a real live person actually bothering to engage with the audience has been fantastic.”

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