Pedigree Adoption Drive 2008 MPA Kelly Awards Grand Prize

Mar 04

By Denisse Cobian / CSUF

A Call to Arms- and Paws: A Closer Look at The Pedigree Adoption Drive Campaign, Magazine Publishers of America’s (MPA) 2008 Kelly Awards Grand Prize for outstanding magazine advertising.

The Pedigree Adoption Drive Campaign, started in 2004, has created quite the buzz last year not only because of the $2.7 Million raised for animal shelters, but also because of the creative and award winning ads created by TBWAChiatDay, Los Angeles.  The international campaign gives names and stories to the pleading faces so often blurred together in pet shelters.  In fact, all dogs taking part in the campaign were dogs found in pounds available for adoption.

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The campaign has been so successful that not only it raised over $5 Million for charities since its inception, but it also helped reach an amazing 11% sales growth for MARS Petfoods. In doing so, it supported the Pedigree brand-image as being a truly philanthropic company that cares about the wellbeing of all animals, not just those who eat their food.

Because of its creativity and effectiveness, TBWA’s campaign has earned the coveted MPA’s Kelly Grand Prize and a $100,000 cash reward.  MPA’s Kelly Awards are unique because they not only award creativity, but also success of the campaign in regards to measurable sales. Winning it gives any ad agency the ability to boast not only of an ingenious staff, but also of a proven ability to increase sales, a point hard to prove in the advertising industry.  This campaign, now entering it’s 6th year, has increased Pedigree’s brand image of being deeply involved with improving the lives of all animals, not just pets.



Pedigree has also made sure to let the public know that its campaign is successful.  Echo and Mary-Grace, two of the campaign’s most popular dogs, are now featuring in a follow up commercial telling their new story:

For more happy endings, visit Pedigree Adoption Drive success stories website:

Agency: TBWAChiatDay
Advertiser: PEDIGREE, MARS
Campaign: The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive

Worldwide Creative Director: Lee Clow
Creative Director: Chris Adams, Margaret Keene
Art Director: Jamin Duncan
Copywriter: Allan Manaysay
Photographer: Amy Farias, Josh Withers
Executive Producer: Guia Iacomin
Print Producer: Aliza Grover
Producer: Aileen Baliat
Assistant Producer: Cia Restaino
Art Producer: Marissa Serritella

Inspiration – Every year, the Pedigree Awards honor people, shelters and breed rescues that make the world a better place for dogs. Here, in two parts, are the videos that shares these amazing stories for the 2008 Pedigree Awards:

Best Rescue Stories – Part 1

Best Rescue Stories – Part 1

2009 has been particularly exciting for Pedigree / TBWA because of the first ever Pedigree Superbowl commercial.  This year’s “Crazy Pets” features several hypothetical scenarios where the family dog has been replaced with a variety of wild animals.

The campaign as a whole is creative because it takes something we all know [the fact that there are animals in shelters across the nation], reminds us that they are there of no fault of their own, and includes a bold call to action.  It shows people that dogs in shelters are not just angry, rabid, diseased animals.  They are loving, innocent, and beautiful creatures that want nothing more than to bring happiness to our lives.  Evoking both sympathy and humor, the campaign has helped thousands of animals find homes. In fact, the public had so much interest in the animals shown in the ads that Pedigree will run follow-up stories in future ads, further solidifying the idea that every individual can make a difference in the life of a dog.

The ad, originally aired during the first quarter of the game, can also be seen on Pedigree’s website and many other affiliate websites.  In a clever marketing move, Pedigree announced that for every view of their commercial from one of their confirmed affiliate websites, they will donate a can of food to an animal shelter.  This will increase the number of people who view the ad and help shelters while costing Pedigree hardly anything and increasing consumer interest and involvement with the campaign’s mission.

“Everything we do at Mars Petfood U.S., the makers of PEDIGREE(R) food for dogs, is based on our love of dogs and we believe the Super Bowl provides us with the perfect platform to celebrate this sentiment,” said John Anton, Marketing Director of the PEDIGREE Brand. “Dogs make great pets and our goal with the spot is to get anyone who is thinking, ‘maybe I should get a dog,’ to consider adoption.”

And finally, for a little comic relief, here are some offshoots of the superbowl commercial… Behind the scenes look at the people and their “crazy pats”:

Behind the Scenes – Part 1

Behind the Scenes – Part 2

Behind the Scenes – Part 3

Behind the Scenes – Part 4

If you’re interested in pet adoption, Pedigree’s website will helps you figure out if you are ready for the commitment of having a new pet and locate an adoption center near you:

TBWA Press Release:

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