TheAdClass is now listed on!

Jul 18

Flash News: We’ve made it to !!! And thanks everyone for making the Creative Intensive Network on LinkedIn the largest network of creatives on the planet! TheAdClass...

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Typography Book Movie Quotes Assignment

Nov 22

This post is for all art-direction / design / creative students out there. Last week we put together a list of some great resources and articles on the topic of Typography. This week we invite you to create your own font book as an added value to your portfolio. The Purpose: 1. Learn typography in a fun and engaging way. 2. Develop your own typographic style...

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40 Articles, Websites, Resources, Tutorials & Tools To Learn Typography

Nov 15

Here are 40 of the best sites, resources, tools & tutorials we found to help you understanding typography basics in print or web designs. You are welcome to add to the list or vote on which one is #1 in your opinion in the comments section below. Here goes: Great Reads / Articles: Meet Your Type – A Field Guide to Typography (PDF) via...

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Speed-Up, Clean-Up, Slim Down & Optimize Your Mac OSX Snow Leopard for Optimal Performance

Nov 08

40 things you can do to speed-up, clean-up, slim-down & optimize your Mac OSX for optimal performance. This post is a bit off topic but since most of us in the ad-industry are working on Macs, we figured we’ll share our secrets. We tried to organized the list below in an order that will make more sense in terms of best optimization and easiness. Please...

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15 Websites/Blogs/Feeds Every Designer/Art Director Should Follow

Nov 05

The more you learn, the more your realize how much there is to learn. That’s true lo life, and it’s certainly true to design and art direction. We’ve decided to put together my ultimate list of websites / blogs / rss feeds I believe every designer / art director should visit regularly. You are welcome to add to the list, or vote on which one is #1...

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