Bike Hero (Guitar Hero) Viral Ad – Prisoner of Society (by The Living End / Droga5 / Smuggler)

Feb 13

I saw this amazing clip on YouTube the other day:

I gotta admit that first I thought – wow, kids have way too much time on their hands these days… Then I thought, wait, why the negativity? this is so creative! and amazing! and you know what? It has a great ad-ability (as in, I can see this becoming a great viral ad…) hold on… what if… um… is it?… could it be? DANG! IT IS!

Activition (video game developer), has managed to build an effective viral campaign for Guitar Hero: World Tour with “Bike Hero”, a YouTube video supposedly produced by amateur director Madflux, also known as Kevin, a McDonald’s employee in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The 3:36 minute music video with almost 2 million views since November 18, was in fact developed by Droga5, Smuggler, PS 260, Method Studios, Riot, Company 3 and Sound Lounge.

On his fake YouTube page, ‘MadFlux’ writes:

Canʼt tell you how many times it took to make this work, but it was a lot. Shout out to “Lars” and the rest of the Brierwood Vandals!” Prisoner of Society by The Living End – best song on Guitar Hero WT.

What made this slightly believable was the launch date of the YouTube profile: January 2007.

Client: Activision
Agency: Droga5, NY
Production Company:   Smuggler

Director: Jaron Albertin

Ross Richardson (DoP)
David Droga (Chief Creative Officer)
Ted Royer (Executive Creative Director)
Jeff Anderson (Art Director)
Isaac Silverglate (Copywriter)
Dana May (Agency Producer)
Stephanie Scire (Producer)
Patrick Milling Smith/Brian Carmody (Executive Producer)

Director of Digital Services (Droga5): Craig Batzofin
Sr. Digital Producer (Droga5): Sandra Nam
Head of Production (Smuggler): Laura Thoel

Editorial Co: PS260
Editor: Dustin Stevens

Telecine: CO3 NY
Colorist: Tim Masick

Sound: Sound Lounge
Sound Design: Marshall Grupp/Phan Visutyothapibal
Mixers: Philip Loeb/Evan Mangiamele

Creative Director/Lead CG Artist: Aron Hjartarson
CG Supervisor: Christopher “Pink” Bonnstetter
Animation Supervisor: Matt Hackett
Lead Compositor: Tom McCullough
VFX Producer: Mariya Shikher
Head of Production: D. Todd Davidovich
On Set VFX Supervisors: Seb Caudron/Felix Urquiza
On Set VFX Producer: Chandra Irving
On Set Head of Production: Leighton Greer
Executive Producer: Helen Hughes

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