Ads of the Week (Jan 26, 2010)

Jan 26

A few great ads to start the week with. Enjoy!

Ads of the Week

Client: Sky TV | AD: Labour
Agency: DDB New Zealand
Creative Director: Adam Kanzer
Creatives: James Conner & Christie Cooper

For more of Aleksandr Orlov, visit 🙂

Client: | AD: Journey of Courageousness
Agency: VCCP, London
Creative Directors: Darren Bailes & Steve Vranakis
Creatives: Richard Connell & Clement Woodward

Client: Philips | AD: Squeaky Clean
Agency: DDB London
Creative Director: Neil Dawson
Creatives: Deborah James & Chris Lapham

Client: Pepto Bismol | AD: Nice Burrito
Agency: Lapiz, Chicago
Executive Creative Director: Laurence Klinger
Associate Creative Directors: Jose Funegra & María Bernal
Copywriter: Jose Funegra
Art Director: María Bernal

and ‘The Making of’:

(and their waterslide ad, in case you missed it last year)

Client: Barclaycard | AD: Rollercoaster
Agency: BBH, London
Creative Director: Adam Tucker
Art Director: Szymon Rose
Copywriter: Daniel Schaefer

Cliend: Mercedes-Benz | AD: Avoid surprises
Agency: The Viral Factory, London
Creative: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski

Client: Nolan’s Cheddar | AD: Seriously strong
Director: John Nolan

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