Account Planning Newsletter – March 17, 2009

Mar 22

Account Planning Newsletter – Week of March 17th, 2009
A periodic list of things that you may find interesting and of note.

By Daniel Berkal
The Palmerston Group

(1) Don’t use protection.

As the first new work since the economic collapse takes to the airwaves, we start to see some common themes. It seems like every major brand has tailored their current campaigns to focus on “security”, “protection” and “trustworthiness”. Even in tough times, people want to have fun. Where has the vibrant sense of freedom and endless possibilities gone? Remember the 1980s? Every advertisement had the personality of driving down the freeway in a Corvette with the top down. The collective culture was carefree. Please. Planners of the world. Let loose.

(2) Head south.

The cultural Illuminati have converged once again on the beautiful city of Austin, Texas. The SXSW interactive festival is well underway, and the big award has gone to the absolutely brilliant “We Tell Stories” which has authors retelling classic stories with the use of technology. “Lost Zombies” also fared quite well with a killer guerrilla media campaign which helped them take home the People’s Choice award.

With major product announcements and massive events from the major players in the worlds of web, film and music, SXSW has quickly become THE place to be for agency types who want to have their finger on the pulse of the cultural zeitgeist. Of course, several of us here at The Palmerston Group will be down in Austin this week conducting our annual trendspotting exploration. If you’re around, feel free to give us a shout.

(3) Let my people go.

The popularization of Twitter is one of the fastest growing phenomena in the history of communication. It’s not everyday that we see a novel way for people to engage in an event-based conversation. So we’re fascinated with the idea of The Twitter Seder for the Jewish Community. Check it out.

Feel free to submit fascinating tidbits of life for inclusion next time around. Viva la Facebook.

Daniel Berkal
The Palmerston Group

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