Account Planning Newsletter – July 15, 2009

Jul 16

Account Planning Newsletter – Week of July 15th, 2009
A periodic list of things that you may find interesting and of note.

By Daniel Berkal
The Palmerston Group

The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance.

Considering the rapid rate of churn in our business the past year, it’s increasingly rare for the leaders of our industry to remember that in order to stay relevant there must be a continuing push to invest in young minds. Don’t forget. We were all given a chance that got us to where we are today.

Which brings us to the brilliant BrandCamp program that’s started to be offered by hotshot shop Partners + Napier. An outstanding way for fresh new thinkers to push their limits and expand their horizons. An excellent chance for young people to get the opportunity to work at a top notch creative agency while developing a stellar skillset.

Check it out at

Preaching to the converted.

Sure, every media source is all about Twitter, but this service may not have the legs that people think it does. There are some significant cracks in the armor.

A Realization.

Twenty-five short years ago NOBODY ON EARTH was walking around carrying a cellular phone. What’s going to be an essential part of our lives in the year 2034 that we do not have today?

The Summer of Planning?

It’s hard to convince a bunch of professional strategists that by canceling your main event and then holding a one-off night with a frequent speaker in New York that it’s suddenly the “Summer of Planning”. Hope they sell T-shirts.

Last week we raised the issue “Hip Hop is dead, discuss”. The results from all over the globe are in. Hip Hop is, in fact, not dead. It is just taking a nap.

Feel free to submit fascinating tidbits of life for inclusion next time around. Viva la Facebook.

Daniel Berkal
The Palmerston Group

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